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Specific reasons for ferromagnetic resonance in actual operation:
- Nov 29, 2017 -

The neutral grounding system occurs single phase grounding, single phase break or tripping, and the three-phase load is seriously asymmetrical.

The single phase earth fault is one of the most common excitation modes of ferromagnetic resonance.

The saturation degree of the iron core of the voltage transformer is related.

When the neutral grounding voltage transformer is used in neutral neutral system, it is more likely to produce ferromagnetic resonance if its iron core is saturated prematurely.

During the operation of the reverse brake, the mode of operation happens to be a resonant condition. If the three-phase circuit breaker does not fit in the same time, it will cause the voltage and current fluctuation, causing the ferromagnetic resonance.

Given all this, voltage transformer with ferromagnetic resonance of a serious fault, how to eliminate or reduce the ferromagnetic resonance voltage transformer is to ensure normal operation of power grid and protection of the important measures.

How to eliminate ferromagnetic resonance is to recognize the frequency of oscillation.