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Solution to the cause and solution of the electromagnetic coil heating.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

An electromagnetic wire is an insulated wire used to make a coil or winding in an electrical product.

Also called winding wire.

The electromagnetic line must meet the requirements of a variety of use and manufacturing processes.

Including its shape, specification, the former can short-term and long-term work under high temperature, and on some occasions, under the strong vibration and high speed centrifugal force under high voltage tolerance corona breakdown, and under the special atmosphere of resistance to chemical corrosion, etc.;

The latter includes the requirements of stretching, bending and abrasion, as well as the swelling and erosion in the process of impregnating and drying.

The electromagnetic line can be classified according to its basic composition, conductor core and electrical insulation layer.

The insulation materials and manufacturing methods used in the insulation layer are usually divided into enameled wire, wrapping wire, enameled wrapping wire and inorganic insulated wire.

In the application process, the electromagnetic coils will slowly rise and become hot due to various reasons. If the cooling measures are not taken in time, the electromagnetic coil may be burned.

Let's learn about the causes and solutions of the electromagnetic coil heating.

If it is an ac electromagnet, its coil temperature rises in addition to its own resistance, and because of the temperature rise of the core.

Ac magnetic field in the core if there is the occurrence of induced current, there will be a part of the loss of electricity, iron core temperature will rise as a result, induction cooker is also use this principle to raise the temperature.

Because the coil is around the iron core of the above, the heat in to the coil, it will reduce the temperature of, in order to enlarge induced current of iron core loss, ac electromagnet and transformer, can use the best each other can play a role of insulation piece of silicon steel sheet as the core, to enlarge its loss and the temperature of the coil can be decreased.

However, if the electromagnet is always in a state of power, and its temperature only rises to about 40 degrees, this phenomenon is normal, don't worry.