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Simple identification method of copper and aluminum electromagnetic wire.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Steel is a product that is highly regulated by the market.

Since the price of nonferrous metals has soared, many merchants who do business on the electromagnetic line are suffering from it, and the copper wire is an important part.

And now there are a lot of aluminum wires in the market to replace the copper wire, and the aluminum wire to pay for the emergence of the motor.

What are the differences between the copper wire motor and the aluminum wire motor?

How to identify them?

In fact, we can tell from the principle of its metal.

1. Because the resistance value is higher than copper wire of the same area of aluminium wire, so if you want to get the same in the current in the motor work, so will need to increase aluminium wire cross-sectional area, we will find from the intuitive its diameter increases.

2. Since the physical properties of different metals are different, aluminum wires can not be as tensile as copper wires, and the aluminum wires of the same power are relatively thicker than that of the power.

3. In order to obtain the same working ability, the wire diameter of the aluminum wire should be thickened, and the winding will be increased.

The original design of the groove is not enough to be fully inlaid.

It is necessary to enlarge the outer diameter and thickness of the stator.

Intuitively, we can easily tell whether the motor is made of copper wire or aluminum wire through the appearance, and the simple measurement can produce satisfactory results.