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Self Bonding Polyamide Imide Covered Copper Wire , Rectangular Enamelled Copper Wire
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Brand Name:YUBIAN

Model Number:PEW, PIW, EIW, AIW, EI/AIW


Application:Relays/Transformer/Solenoids Coil/Motor winding

Conductor Material:Copper

Conductor Type:Solid

Insulation Material:Enameled

Product name:Self Bonding Polyamideimide Flat Wire



Material:Round Copper




Self Bonding Polyamide Imide Covered Copper Wire , Rectangular Enamelled Copper Wire

Polyimide-covered wires are bare wires taped with different grades of polyimide/FEP tapes. Depending on the application conditions, corona discharge-resistant or waterproof types are available. The polyimide yields high-temperature resilience, class 240 complemented by a high breakdown voltage. The corona discharge-resistant version provides a much higher resistance to voltage peaks than the standard polyimide. For applications in high-humidity atmospheres a waterproof polyimide variant can be used. To give a higher mechanical strength to the wire a glass covering will be applied. A nickel plating on the copper conductor results in outstanding behavior for high temperatures and in radiation fields.


Features and benefits:

1. Different types of enamel with very good mechanical strength and bonding properties

2. Very consistent quality and dimension tolerances in line with industry standards

3. Wide range of dimensions, yarns and insulation builds available

4. Very thin grades for wind turbine generators

5. Improved mechanical strength, high-performance yarns and impregnation varnishes

6. Very high resistance to corona discharges for inverter applications

7. High-temperature class with high- breakdown voltage

8. Soft wire for easy winding


ISO 9001-2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-2004,

UL Approved, RoHS Directive Met

Executive standards



1. Traction motors

2. Motors for heavy-duty applications (rolling mills, mining machines, oil pumps)

3. Aircraft generators and marine engines

4. Stirring coils

5. Motors for nuclear power plants