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Productive Process of Electromagnetic Wires
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The technological process of electromagnetic wire

1, stock

Raw materials of the electromagnetic wire are transported to the production site by cart.The preparation of insulating paint is completed in the paint preparation room.According to various degrees of electromagnetic wire insulation, a certain proportion of paint and diluent is fully mixed and evenly added to the paint charter.

2, wire drawing,

Wire-drawing is carried out in the wire-drawing machine, which is made by one or more times according to the required wire diameter.Control the temperature in the generally can reach 100 ℃, 60 using water-soluble lubricants for lubrication and cooling, when the temperature exceeds 100 ℃, cold, hot up.

3,Water washing 

Water washing is made from water purified by hydrochloric acid and caustic soda.

4, annealing

Annealing generally adopt the way of electric heating in the annealing furnace, annealing temperature control in commonly 300 ~ 600 ℃, annealing using steam to protect to prevent oxidation.Use hair dryer air cooling after annealing, to 40 ℃ or so into the impregnation process.

5, impregnated

The soaking section is carried out in the paint machine and is completed several times according to the requirements of the insulation layer.When impregnating, add a suitable proportion of diluent according to coating requirements.The diluent contains flammable and toxic liquids such as cresol and xylene.

6, dry

Electromagnetic line dry in the drying furnace, drying temperature, according to the speed of drawing and general for the 300-400 ℃.Up to 670 degrees Celsius.Drying and exhaust gas are carried out simultaneously. The exhaust gas (temperature is 300 -- 400 degrees Celsius) contains toxic and flammable vapors such as cresol, phenol and xylene. After the catalytic reaction reaches the environmental protection index, the exhaust air fan will discharge the human atmosphere.

7.wire collection

The wire receiving device is used to wrap the dried electromagnetic wire finished product on the online disk.A small amount of lubricant (974 gasoline, cyclohexane) should be added to the wire drawing.

8. Packaging and warehousing

After passing the inspection, put the wrapped plastic film on the wire coil into the carton or paper cylinder, pack it into wire drag according to the user's needs, and load and unload it into the special warehouse.