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Precautions for dip welding of aluminum enameled wire
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Aluminum enameled wire welding of note: 1, with a relatively low due to the melting point of aluminum, easy to melt into the tin pot, therefore in the welding of minor diameter aluminum enameled wire (below 0.4 mm), to control the temperature at 300 ℃, reduce the melting speed of aluminium wire, avoid aluminium wire embrittlement, don't use high temperature tin welding.

2. Aluminum enameling wire must be depainted. Depainting can be done by mechanical (paint scraper, paint stripper) and chemical (paint removal powder, paint removal water).

As far as possible do not choose mechanical method to carry on depaint, such easy scratch aluminum wire, produce burr, weaken toughness thereby.

Aluminium enamelled wire.JPG

3. Because of the instability of aluminum, it needs to be painted and welded immediately. Do not allow the aluminum enameled wire to contact with air for a long time and avoid its oxidation.

4. At the same time, the paint removal length can be determined according to the welding length, that is, how long to paint, to avoid the exposure of aluminum in the air, leaving a hidden danger to the welding spot.

5. In addition, during soldering, gently shake the tin pan for 2 to 3 times to avoid air bubbles.

6. For the connection between aluminum enameled wire and lead wire, the aluminum wire should be wrapped around the outside of the copper lead wire in a smaller arc, which can reduce the occurrence of false welding and improve the welding strength.