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Precautions for automatic transformer transformer ratio tester
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Precautions for automatic transformer transformer ratio tester:

1. Insurance 1 is 2A and insurance 2 is 0.5 A.

If the test line is short circuited, high and low voltage will fuse the insurance.After the insurance is blown out, if you take measurements, it shows "measurement, please wait!"And stopped.Please shut down, replace the same amount of insurance, retest.

2.Keep your connection good.The instrument should be well grounded!

3. The equipment should be kept away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field and high frequency equipment.The power supply power interference the smaller the better, should choose the lighting line, if the power interference is large, can be supplied by the ac purification power supply to the instrument.The capacity of ac purification power supply is greater than 200VA.

4. Automatic transformer variable ratio tester to work, if there is a LCD display is disorder, according to all the buttons are no response, or measured value and the actual value is far, please press the reset button, or turn off the power supply, operation again.

5. The display has no character display, or the color is very weak, please adjust the brightness potentiometer to the right position.The luminance potentiometer is a multi-circle potentiometer with 10 circles!

6. The instrument should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. If it is not used or humid in the long term, the pre-heating time should be extended to remove moisture.

7. Use during communication debugging.