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Power failure operation procedure for high voltage outlet cabinet
- Nov 17, 2017 -

1.Operation instrument on the door, switch circuit breaker points brake power outages, instrument at the same time the closing door on the red light, green the brake light is lit, check other related signal, everything is normal, blackouts.(when operating and switching the switch, rotate the handle counterclockwise to the panel indicating position, and the handle handle should be automatically reset to the preposition when releasing the handle.)

2.Insert the circuit breaker handcart crank crank pin and press it hard, a handle counterclockwise rotation, about 20 laps, stuck in crank obviously accompanied by "clicking" sound when remove the crank, the handcart in the test position, air lock to lift, open the handcart room door, manually from the aviation plug.(owner circuit breaker)

3.Push up the transporter and lock it, pull out the breaker handcart to the transporter and remove the transporter.(pull a circuit breaker is the circuit breaker two push-pull, put his hand into the middle pressure and pull back (to the ark), circuit breaker to transport the car and put in place, let go of push and pull handle, handle should be reset automatically.)

4.Observe the live monitor and confirm that the uncharged can continue operation.

5.Insert the earthing switch handles in the lower right side door hexagonal hole, clockwise, make the earth switch in the closing position, confirm the earthing switch is in after closing, open cupboard door, maintenance, overhaul maintenance personnel can enter.

6.Earth switch and circuit breaker and cupboard door all have interlocking, only outside the circuit breaker in the test position or take ark can close points grounding switch, only after the grounding switch points brake can also roll to work position, the circuit breaker by test position cannot be forced.The grounding switch and the lower door interlock can unlock emergency unlocking, only if necessary, can unlock emergency, otherwise there is electric shock hazard.