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Performance comparison and application of paper covered wire enameled wire
- Jan 22, 2018 -

The enameled wire is often heard, it is true that the enameled wire is an important product of the electromagnetic line family.

A special product line in the electromagnetic line family may be less famous.

If the distinction between the two is the most obvious, the insulation layer is different, the enameled wire is used to insulate lacquer, and the paper wrap line is used for the insulation paper.

Can insulating paper really achieve the effect of insulating paint?

Here we give a brief introduction to the nature of the paper envelope.

Even in times of rapid product renewal, there is a place for paper.

It is mainly used in oil immersed transformer in our production.

Here, the excellent dielectric properties of oil paper insulation are fully reflected, and its low price and long service life are often favored by merchants.

In the process of making the paper package, the copper wire or aluminum wire is extruded by a certain specification, and then annealed.

Finally, wrap two or more layers of insulating paper on the surface.

There is a clear distinction between insulating paper and paper in our usual sense.

In general, we often use the insulation paper as: telephone paper, cable paper, high voltage cable paper, interturn insulating paper.

The choice is based on our different needs and conditions.

In our pay special attention to when using choose paper even after special processing on some water resistance and thermal performance in contrast or the performance of the enameled wire is more outstanding, the choice of specific to undertake choosing according to the scope of our use and environmental.