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- Oct 17, 2018 -

What is a transformer?

A: a power transformer is an electrical device that changes the ac voltage.

It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, in the same frequency between two or more windings, the conversion of alternating voltage and current to transmit electrical energy static electrical equipment.

2. What kinds of transformers can be divided into?

Answer: by usage can be divided into: power transformer, special transformer.

Classification of power transformers:

(1) according to the capacity of transformers: medium and small transformers, large transformers and large transformers;

(2) according to the number of winding: double-winding transformer, three-winding transformer;

(3) according to the connection between high and low voltage coil with or without electricity: ordinary transformer, autoformer transformer;

(4) according to the voltage regulation mode of the transformer: no excitation voltage regulation, on-load voltage regulation;

(5) according to the phase number: single-phase transformer, three-phase transformer;

(6) according to the cooling medium: oil-immersed transformer and dry transformer;

(7) according to the core structure: core type transformer, shell type transformer.

3. What does the type and letter of the transformer mean?

Answer: product model USES Chinese phonetic capital letter or other appropriate letter to represent the main feature of the product, with Arabic numeral to represent product performance level code or design code and specification code.