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Method for the removal of electromagnetic wire
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Usually the electromagnetic line is used to make the insulated wire of the coil or winding in the electrical product and also called the winding wire.

General electromagnetic lines must meet the requirements of a variety of use and manufacturing processes.

The former can include its shape and specifications as well as short-term and long-term work under high temperature, and on some occasions, under the strong vibration and high speed centrifugal force under high voltage tolerance corona breakdown as well as special atmosphere and resistance to chemical corrosion, etc.

The latter includes the requirements of stretching and bending and abrasion during winding and embedding, as well as swelling and erosion in the process of steeping and drying.

Generally, the formulation analysis of the paint coating of environmental protection paint is rich in shortening the project development time, saving the project funds and improving the quality of enameled wire and improving the quality of the project.

The analysis now allows the project to occupy a common position with the company, and then create a special benchmark for the project to make the company stand on its own.

Environmental enameled wire paint remover formula recovery by ultraviolet spectrometry and ion chromatography and element analysis instrument and other high-tech instrument detection, after top profiling team intact experiments, and to step by step type electromagnetic wire detection process.

The quality of the project can be improved rapidly and significantly, and the company's production crisis and skills can be saved.

Microspectral skills are one of the leading indicators of domestic testing organizations and are rich in the most powerful skill experts, the most perfect test lab and the most new test instruments.