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Maintenance and economy of insulated copper clad aluminum wire
- Jan 31, 2018 -

In the summer, it is known that the use of insulated copper clad aluminum wires can reduce network failures and prevent network personnel from having many problems during maintenance.

Due to the copper aluminum inner conductor and outer conductor of the cable thermal expansion coefficient is large, in the hot summer, aluminum outer conductor for large, copper inner conductor relative retraction, not fully come into contact with the elastic contact within F head block;

In the severe cold winter, the outer conductor of the aluminum contract is larger, the shielding layer off.

When the coaxial cables with insulated copper clad aluminum wire conductor, it differ with aluminum outer conductor thermal expansion coefficient is small, the temperature changes, greatly reduced the cable core pulling fault, improve the quality of the network transmission.

Insulated copper clad aluminum wires are sold by weight, and insulated copper clad aluminum conductor is more expensive than pure copper conductors of the same weight.

But the same weight of copper clad aluminum is much longer than the pure copper conductor, and the cable is calculated by length.

The same weight, copper clad aluminum wire is 2.5 times the length of copper wire, and the price is only a few hundred yuan per ton.

In combination, insulated copper clad aluminum wire has an advantage.

Because the copper clad aluminum cable is light, the transportation cost and installation cost of the cable will be reduced, which will bring some convenience to the construction.

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