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Light weight, large span, good wind and shock resistance
- Sep 04, 2017 -

First, prefabricated assembly substation and prefabricated construction

1, prefabricated assembly substation

Prefabricated substation is a substation related to the construction of the building through the factory production of prefabricated, and then install two stages of the site to build substations.

2, prefabricated construction

Prefabricated construction is the building of the building part or all of the components in the factory processing is completed, and then transported to the construction site will be prefabricated components through a reliable connection assembled in place and built the form of building.

3, the form of prefabricated building

Prefabricated buildings are mainly in the following three forms:

(1) prefabricated concrete structure (assembly of reinforced concrete structure)

Prefabricated concrete structure is made of prefabricated concrete components (also called PC components) as the main components, the factory prefabricated production, on-site assembly and connection, and in combination with part of the existing structure of the formation of concrete.

(2) prefabricated steel structure

Prefabricated steel structure with steel columns and steel beams as the main load-bearing components. Steel structure building light weight, large span, good wind and shock resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation effect, in line with the sustainable development of the principle, especially for villas, high-rise, office buildings and other civil buildings and building plus layer Wait

(3) prefabricated container houses

Prefabricated container building is based on the container as the basic unit, the production of water in the factory to complete the construction of the module and complete the internal decoration, and then transported to the construction site, quickly assembled into a variety of styles of architecture.

Second, the prefabricated substation technical principles