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[insulated copper clad aluminum wire] Acknowledge yourself.
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Insulated copper clad aluminum wire is actually can be insulated copper clad aluminum wire, the copper clad aluminum wire is actually refers to the aluminum conductor as the main body, it's a percentage of copper plating layer outside the wire, we can be used as a coaxial cable with conductor and electrical equipment, wire and cable conductor in such as home audio cables.

Because the main function of this wire is to transmit the signal, the current is very small.

However, due to the conductivity of the aluminum only two-thirds of copper, so the standard provisions of the state who used to transmit power cable must be in not metallized or metallized annealed copper conductor, to prohibit the use aluminum wire (including copper clad aluminum wire) as a conductor.

This kind of aluminium wire refers to its longitudinal length, and its cross-section average is a metallic linear material made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy.

It is processed by heart pressure and can be delivered in volume.

Its cross-section shapes are round, oval, square, rectangular, and equilateral triangle and regular polygon.

The material can be divided into pure aluminum wire and aluminum alloy wire.

It can be divided into industrial aluminum wire and process aluminum wire.

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