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Inspection tips of high voltage transformer
- Jun 12, 2018 -

When the transformer and distribution owner is on duty, each shift shall be inspected once. After severe load change, abnormal weather, new installation and transformer overhaul, special inspection shall be added.

A. Whether the load current is within the rated range, whether there is any drastic change, and whether the operating voltage is normal.

B. Whether the oil level, oil color and oil temperature exceed the allowable value, and whether there is oil leakage.
C. whether the porcelain bushing is clean, whether there are cracks, damages, stains and discharge, and whether the contact terminals are discolored and overheated.
D. Whether the color change degree of silicone in the moisture absorber has been saturated, and whether the operation sound of the transformer is normal.
E. Whether there is air in the gas relay, whether it is filled with oil, whether the oil level gauge glass is broken, whether the diaphragm of the explosion-proof pipe is complete.
F. Whether the transformer shell, lightning arrester and neutral grounding are good, and whether the transformer oil valve is normal.
G. Whether the doors and Windows of the transformer room, shutters, iron mesh guardrails and fire fighting equipment are intact, and whether the transformer foundation is deformed.

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