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Inspection of enameled wire
- Jan 29, 2018 -

What are the inspection contents of enameled wire?


What is the detection of enameled wire?

What are the steps of inspection of enameled wire?

The test of the so-called enameled wire is to test the technical performance index of the enameled wire using the specified method.

The inspection of enameled wire is finished.

Let's talk about the definition of enameled wire.

The so-called enameled wire is an insulating coating used as an insulating coating, which is also known as the "electromagnetic wire".

The on-line measurement of enameled wire can effectively control the quality of the product.

There are many kinds of enameled wires.

The standard of enameled wire products includes the product standard of enameled round wire: gb6109-90 series standard;

ZXD/ j700-16-2001 industry internal control standards;

Product standard for enameled flat line: GB/ t7095-1995 series;

Test method standard for enamelled round and flat wire: GB/ t4074-1999.

So let's get back to the point, and we're going to talk about the testing of enameled wires.

Inspection of enameled wire size:

1. The allowable tolerance of bare conductor's allowable tolerance is the allowable deviation between the actual value of the bare conductor diameter and the regulation value.

From the point of view of use, I hope that the smaller the tolerance is better, which is beneficial to the calculation of the resistance and winding number in the design.

However, the mould hole of the mould should wear out during the stretching process. If the tolerance is too strict, the mold should be replaced frequently, which will cause difficulties in the process operation and mold supply.

The actual requirements of the unit and the technical possibility of the production unit should be used in the formulation of the standard.

2. The difference between the maximum measurement value and the minimum measurement value of the same cross section diameter of the cross section.

Inroundness can result in the color of enameled wire (Yin and Yang).

3. The maximum outside diameter and the maximum outer diameter of the minimum paint film thickness can cause the coil size to be enlarged and the winding coil can not accommodate.

The film is too thin, it can produce pinhole, voltage resistance, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance and so on.

4. Inspection tool: micrometer, the accuracy shall be in accordance with the following requirements: the lever micrometer with the indicator value error of 1.

5. The measuring time is 1 meter and 3 sides apart.

6. The mean of the measured values is the measurement result.

Whether the size is qualified is judged by the average and the standard.