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Improve the insulation level of the equipment
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Outdoor busbar or bare wire if not insulated or insulation defects, most likely due to branches, ribbons and other falling objects or birds, cats and other small animals climbing caused by short circuit failure. Outdoor busbar and bare wire insulation accident is the power of the reliability of the great harm to the frequent accidents in the outdoor busbar and bare wire insulation problems, the success rate of reclosing is very low, so that power failure failure, often lead to large Area power outage.

At present, most of the substation busbar treatment is the use of heat shrink tubing package, installed in the busbar before the heat shrink tube, and then heat shrinkage, by adding insulation to strengthen the insulation. Heat shrinkable tube materials, including PVC, ABS, EVA, PET, etc., although with good electrical performance, but there are many shortcomings, such as:

1) Poor aging resistance. In the outdoor use by the impact of ultraviolet and high and low temperature, the service life of not more than five years there will be cracking, powder, damage, tripping and other issues;

2) difficult construction. To reach the useful life of the replacement, the need to remove the busbar as a whole;

3) Heterogeneous location can not be processed. For the busbar of the corner, the connection and other special parts are not a good way to deal with;

4) poor coverage. And there is a gap between the bus, easy to accumulate water, poor heat dissipation, easy to run after a long time deformation.

There is no effective way for bare wire handling.

The use of high weather resistance of the flame retardant thermal insulation silicone rubber coating JY-1 on the busbars and bare wires for insulation treatment, liquid paint and solid preforms combined with the construction process, without the need to remove busbars or bare wires, greatly reducing the construction Duration, making the construction more simple. According to the different voltage level and insulation requirements, can be flexible to adjust the thickness of the insulation coating, to improve the insulation level of equipment.

Through the adhesion of liquid paint, can make the insulation coating and busbars or bare wires to achieve seamless fit, can effectively prevent water and dust into the sandwich affect the equipment life. High thermal conductivity materials and special treatment process, is conducive to the busbar and bare wire cooling.

Flame-retardant thermal insulation silicone rubber coating has excellent weather resistance, suitable for high ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes in the environment, the product through the 5000 hours of artificial accelerated anti-aging test, in the natural environment for 20 years, the product will not crack , Aging, deformation, powder and other issues.