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How to remove paint on high temperature enameled wire?
- Jan 29, 2018 -

How to remove paint on high temperature enameled wire?


Today, we will work out how to remove paint from high temperature enameled wire. The high temperature enameled wire is a copper wire (or conductor) that is coated on the copper wire by processing.

The methods of lacquer coating are:

1. With sulfuric acid, a small amount of it is used to remove paint water, but this is a bit expensive, and one way is to use a lighter to burn the place where you want to take off, and you can go up to tin with a puff of smoke.

2. Scrape or grind with a knife.

3, apply at the broken ends of high-temperature enameled wire pitch, put the section into melt tin welding head, because there is no paint section at once on tin, the temperature is very good to enameled wire, around the cross section of the paint did not rely on, will soon fall off, will soon be on the tin!

The key point is three points: the broken head should be sticky, the section should be immersed in molten tin, the temperature of the soldering iron is higher!

4. There is a paint remover, and the model is cc-4.

This paint agent has no corrosion to the metal matrix, the paint film that is quick to paint, remove the coating, do not adhere to the metal core wire, to paint the core wire weldability is good.

It is suitable for the electronic electrician industry to use quickly to paint, instead of the original knife, fire and other old methods.

5. Normal line, fine line can be directly up tin when the temperature of soldering iron is 400.

6. Put it in a 400 degree tin bath to remove the lacquer cover surface, and then go to tin.

7. Heat up a little bit with the fire first, then gently rub with fine sandpaper until it shines.

Pay attention to heating the internal flame of the fire, the external flame temperature is too high, easy to burn off.

8. Use the alcohol lamp to heat, and dip a small amount of borax before welding.