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How to identify copper wire, copper clad copper, copper clad aluminum?
- Feb 01, 2018 -

What is copper clad copper?

How to identify copper wire copper clad copper?

Let's start with what is copper?

Copper clad copper is a layer of copper on a wire made of brass.

Copper is better than brass and cheaper than brass.

Copper is cheaper than pure copper, which is why some manufacturers want to make copper.

In addition to copper, copper, copper, copper and other products.

These are all to reduce costs.

So are these products bad?

So how do we identify copper clad copper?

Copper clad copper wire, copper clad in what applications?

Coaxial cable, radio frequency cable, high frequency signal transmission cable, power cable, shielded cable, power cable, security line, telephone line, control cable and other fields.

How to identify copper wire copper clad copper?

1. First, look at the gloss of their appearance. The gloss of pure copper is very good, while copper clad copper does not have such a good gloss.

2. Cut off a small piece of copper wire with a hacksaw or scissors, and then observe the cross section, and find that there are many yellow spots that can be distinguished by the naked eye.

3. Copper clad copper is harder than anoxic copper wire, and it burns with a lighter, and the middle wire will be slightly Fried.

Know "how to identify copper wire copper clad copper?"

How to identify whether the cable is copper clad aluminum, copper clad magnesium wire, copper clad copper wire?

1. It is easy to see the cross-section because the thicker wire USES copper clad aluminum.

So copper clad aluminum is a soft wire, and there are a lot of small filaments.

But as long as you cut the cross section, you can see the white (aluminum color) and you can identify what the material is.

2, burning method only use lighter to burn, after watching the phenomenon of combustion and combustion, the result of the copper clad aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum magnesium, when the flame comes into contact with the line wire, conductor will hang straight line, not easy to burn out, after burning, conductor color is gray or black;

Because the melting point of aluminum is lower than that of copper.

The difference: the conductor with the copper clad aluminous combustion will break with finger twist, more brittle, will break into many sections.

If there is no oxygen naked copper wire burning, the formation of ball beads is copper wire, copper wire thickness after burning, the result is also different, filaments melting, raw silk is the original.

3. Use tools to scrape the tin copper wire after scraping and show yellow, which is copper.

No oxygen bare copper wire scratches are still primary colors and copper.

And the copper clad aluminum wire and the copper aluminum magnesium aluminum are white.

Or the same effect can be obtained by rubbing the silk on a concrete surface.

Copper clad steel wire may also be identified by this method or by a magnet.

The above three methods are used before and after, it is believed that it will not be difficult to identify copper wire, and it is very simple to buy and sell cheap and fine cable.

Know "what is copper clad?"

What is copper clad aluminum?

Copper clad aluminum is a layer of copper or a layer of copper on the outer bread of aluminum wire or aluminum magnesium wire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum and copper clad copper?

1. Advantages and disadvantages of copper clad aluminum:

(1) : the advantages of copper clad aluminum conductive performance is good, quality is light, the proportion of small, cheap, raw materials processing and production is more convenient, based on the copper wire production, is a good material to replace copper conductor

(2) disadvantages of copper clad aluminum: low breaking strength in production;

Resistance is higher than copper wire.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of copper clad copper:

(1) the advantages of copper clad copper: the weight of copper wire is about 8.4g/cm3, and its length is 6% more than that of pure copper wire in the same quiet and proportionate condition.

Relatively pure copper wire we have a lot of savings, so we cultivate high output, low cost.

Copper clad copper wire because of its concentric coating of a layer of pure copper, it is as easy to weld as pure copper wire.

Because of its strange craft skill, in the choice material of the cost of the material, and with the market pure copper wire cost to compare, the cost you still use the power?

It costs less to buy than pure copper wire.

(2) disadvantages of copper clad copper: performance is far from pure copper wire.