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How to Develop Electric Automation for Domestic Enterprises?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Electric automation is to promote economic construction to rely on one of the production in the realization of electrical automation will effectively achieve resource matching, and to achieve safe production, reduce the probability of accident. China in the realization of industrialization, will implement the development trend.

As the core areas of advanced science and technology, relying on the most advanced science to establish the electrical automation engineering control system in the rapid development of social economy plays an irreplaceable role, it leads the modern industry forward direction,

In the industrial production can reduce labor costs and strength to play a very good effect, and can enhance the effectiveness of transmission information and real-time, improve the detection accuracy, while the probability of electrical safety accidents to ensure the safety of production.

China's industrial scale benefit near stage, electrical automation is extremely important to the country's economic construction, that country in the field of electrical automation and how to develop?


To achieve the industrialization of the industrialization process

Unified electrical design, testing, boot, maintenance has important significance. Can be independent from the development system from the operating system, which is the electrical automation engineering control system, is a step by leap, the system can be universal. The system of the network should ensure that the site of the facilities, supervision, business management to maintain a common.

To meet the reunification of the industry, the need for institutional reform, concerned about the impact of market-oriented, in order to ensure that products can meet the needs of the market. At the same time, enterprises not only in the development of technology investment, but also to supporting the production of parts of the market, professional. Industrial marketization is the inevitable resource allocation efficiency of industrial development has a significant role in promoting.

Strengthen Industrial Innovation and Improve Overall Strength

Under the power of our country, with the market environment, and constantly improve the electrical automation projects and enterprises continue to absorb innovative technology to enhance their ability to innovate, and research investment, innovation for the electrical automation provides a broader space to strengthen the policy The support, sound, perfect machine is very favorable. At present, China's enterprises mainly produce some low-growth mode, and gradually enhance the ability to innovate.