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High voltage outlet cabinet
- Nov 17, 2017 -

1.Close all cabinet doors and rear sealing boards and lock them.(when the grounding switch is in the right place)

2.Insert the earthing switch handles in the lower right side door hexagonal hole, counterclockwise, make the grounding switch is in break-brake position, remove the handle operation, operating in the interlocking plate automatic bounce, cover the hole operation, cabinet door lock.

3.To transport the car and make it localization, push the circuit breaker handcart into the ark, and in the test position location, (when push the circuit breaker is the circuit breaker two push-pull hand in the middle pressure, and push on (ark), after the circuit breaker to test position, let go of push and pull handle, the handle should be reset automatically.)

Insert the aircraft manually and close the door and lock it.

4.Observe whether the instrument and signal of the cabinet door are normal.(normal integrated the bartender power lights, lights, circuit breaker handcart test position points the brake light and energy storage indicator, if all the lights are not bright, open cupboard door, confirm the bus power switch is closed, if already closed all the indicator light is not bright, need to maintenance control loop.)

5.Insert the circuit breaker handcart crank crank pin and press it hard, turn the crank clockwise, about 20 laps, stuck in crank obviously accompanied by "clicking" sound when remove the crank, handcart in the job position at this time, aviation plug is locked, loop through the breaker hand owners, see the signal.(at this time, the light will be on, and the lights will be off at the test position.)

6.Operation instrument on the door, switch circuit breaker closing transmission, instrument closing red indicator light on the door at the same time, the brake light green points out, check the electric display and other related signals, everything is normal.(when operating and switching the switch, rotate the handle clockwise to the panel to indicate the position. After releasing the handle, the handle should be automatically reset to the pre-closing position.)

7.If the circuit breaker is automatically subdivided or operated automatically, then it is necessary to determine the failure of the circuit breaker and then to retransmit the power according to the above procedure.(when the circuit breaker is broken, the alarm will be issued, that is, the red fault indicator of the panel will be bright and the faulty stereo will sound.Integrated the bartender has been observed at this time, such as TRIP lights, at the same time IL1, IL2, IL3 lamp any lights or bright at the same time, the fault line flow, such as TRIP lights, IRF lights at the same time, the fault for comprehensive following the exception.If the TRIP light is on, and the IO light is on, for the grounding fault of the line, after the overhaul is completed, the integrated relay protection should be manually RESET by the integrated relay protection panel RESET/STEP button.If the plate signal relay is lost, the transformer is overtemperature fault, indicating that the transformer has a fault or serious overload, and the manual reset signal relay can be used to reconnect the switch after troubleshooting.