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High temperature resistant enameled wire
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Enameled wire everyone should not unfamiliar, both in industry and home decoration, we can use high temperature resistant enameled wire, but also to understand how much the enameled wire, today to introduce, some basic knowledge of high temperature resistant enameled wire.


High-temperature enameled wire in essence is actually wires, but because of its insulating layer coated with insulating paint, such as is not only the purpose of reducing the volume, more important is to have played an important role of insulation, its main use in motor and transformer. Especially in electronic products, have pure baoyuan copper and pure BaoBian copper wire, in two round copper wire is mainly used in medium and small power motor and small transformer, flat copper wire is mainly used in large motors and large and medium-sized transformers. Enameled wire than yarn package or plastic yarn has the advantage of high dielectric strength, make the space is little, especially for embedded in silicon steel coil, occupies a space as small as possible), good heat dissipation (the varnish is a good conductor of heat.

High-temperature enameled wire thermal stability is extraordinary, so that you can adapt to high temperature resistant enameled wire 150 ~ 200 degrees high temperature environment, and the common PE, PVC cable is only applicable to 70 ~ 90 degree working environment.

In addition, under the condition of equal cross section conductor, high temperature resistant enameled wire transfer more allowable current, this greatly improves the using range of cable, because of the unique performance, high temperature resistant enameled wire used in aircraft, ship, high temperature furnace, and the internal wiring of electronic equipment and fixture wire, etc.

High-temperature enameled wire manufacturer of about the characteristics of the cable, let we know he has the very good flame retardancy and electrical performance, thermal stability and so on, these are good features that can be better to let our application.