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High - temperature ceramic insulation paint is in the forefront of enamel insulated paint in China
- Mar 05, 2018 -


Insulating paint, also called insulation coating (Insulating coatings), is a kind of excellent electrical insulation coatings.

Insulation material is indispensable to electrical equipment, its quality, economic and technical index and operation life of the electrical equipment play a key role, and put it to the "heart" of the motor.

The electrical performance, thermal performance, mechanical properties and chemical properties of the insulating paint are very important.

Winding line is one of an important application field of insulating varnish, along with the development of the winding wire industry in China, China may become a winding line production and trade of the main countries in the world, will also likely to be the world's winding line with insulating varnish biggest market.

However, there is a large gap between the quality and performance of insulating paint produced in China and developed countries.

The development of foreign insulation paint is obviously higher than that of domestic, not only the heat resistance level is high, but there are many kinds of paint suitable for special purpose.

Also made a lot of research in recent years in our country, in the quality of the paint and further improve the technology content and chi ChengWeiHua chemical co., LTD. In Beijing as a domestic leading enterprise of anti-corrosion insulation coating, insulation coating is one of major special coating, excellent performance, compares the foreign excellent coating.

Production of a new generation of high temperature ceramic insulation coatings, leading domestic insulation materials rapid development.

The ZS - 1091 high temperature resistant ceramic insulation coating, the coating can be divided into heat resistance solvent under 600 ℃, and 600-1700 ℃ water two kinds of high temperature resistant insulation coating.

Coating on the coated surfaces can be formed a layer with high volume resistivity, high volume resistivity, greater than 1012 Ω m at room temperature and high dielectric strength, breakdown strength is greater than 104 kv/m.

Coating can withstand the strong electric field without breakdown of ceramic coating, the coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, aging, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, long refractory barbecue, at the same time also has the mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, chi ChengWeiHua ZS - 1091 high temperature resistant ceramic insulation paint coating can work in the corresponding work continuously under temperature inside.

The effect of enameled wire insulating paint is to create a good insulating layer between the wires and wires in the winding to prevent current flow.

ZS-1091 ceramic insulating paint, as an electrical insulating paint, has good dielectric and chemical properties as well as excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

Its excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and has the good adhesion and a conductor, and good elasticity and flexibility makes it can withstand machining process and electrical appliances in the process of running a variety of complex mechanical stress (such as friction, bend, pull, compression, impact, etc.) and the effect of physical factors, which meet the paint film to withstand the joint action of heat, electricity, mechanical stress, such as softening breakdown test).

At the same time, the coating insulation can maintain its original performance under the conditions of prolonged moisture, heating, mechanical action and chemical etching.

So the ZS - 1091 high temperature resistant ceramic insulation coating has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, softening temperature and oil resistance, breakdown also has high mechanical strength, resistance to freon refrigerant and good compatibility with varnish.

Moreover, the coating is resistant to moisture, mildew, corrosion, salt spray, uv and other harmful substances, and has a strong adaptability to the environment.

General enameled wire insulation varnish used in our country accounted for more than 60%, but the developed countries make up a significant proportion of high-temperature enameled wire paint, and along with the development of the industry electric machines and appliances, high temperature resistant wire coating is the development direction of insulating varnish.

Although our country now, the demand for high-grade insulating paint co., LTD., and we have gap with foreign insulating paint, but the development of the national industrial economy, the demand of high-grade insulating varnish will be bigger and bigger, there is no doubt that high temperature resistant ceramic insulation coating on the front row.