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Is the Fiberglass Wire Same With Enamelled Wire?
- May 25, 2018 -

Not the same.

Fiberglass wire: copper wire wrapped around glass fiber wire for insulation.

Enamelled wire: copper wire is coated with chemical insulating material as an insulating coating.

If insulation resistance is not considered:

1.The glass wire is cheaper than the enamelled wire.

2.The bending of the glass wire is easier to break than the paint bag.


1. Double glass filaments are covered with glass filaments and the appropriate special enamels of glass filaments covered by glass filaments and polyester filaments are generally soaked with glass filaments and the continuous winding cladding needs to be dried.Double filaments need to be wrapped twice in two rotating directions.Commonly used in large electrical appliances such as transformers, welding machines more.

2. Double glass wire can also be covered with enameled wire, so that it has the compressive property of the enameled wire and the heat resistance property of the glass wire.

3. The pressure resistance of pure glass silk covered wire is generally not high, far lower than the corresponding specification of enameled wire.