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Environmental protection work of electromagnetic line production
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Generally, the wrapping method of the electromagnetic wire mainly has all overlapped wrap and all the gap wrap.

Usually the inner and outer layers overlap the package, and the rest is wrapped around the gap.

In the production process of enameled wire, the condensation of paint and the evaporation of the solvent are carried out simultaneously, and the smell and air pollution from the solvent evaporation of the quantity are also carried out.

Electromagnetic wire is based on a certain number of enamelled copper flat quad synthetic surface interaction of two columns wide, and in two columns of lacquer BaoBian line according to the requirement of above and below for transposition of the same turn along the narrow surface, then use electrical insulating paper and rope or belt continuous winding line around the package.

At present, as production growth is more and more concerned by residents and environmental protection departments, it also becomes a subject for enterprises.

Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a hot topic in enameled industry.

At present, energy saving and consumption reduction has become the key work of the Chinese government. According to the plan, the energy consumption per unit of GDP should be reduced by 20% and the pollutant emission reduction by 10%.

In the general environment, the enamel-insulated industry should also pay high attention to and solve the problem of high temperature exhaust pollution.