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Enameled wire There is a requirement for chemical performance
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Enameled wire, of the chemical properties of the enameled wire winding is made after the coil, generally go through dipping process, the solvent impregnating varnish effect on film have different degree of swelling, particularly at high temperatures;

After dipping in use process, the winding due to the effect of thermal film may produce thermal cracking, so the stand or fall of impregnating varnish and enameled wire paint film intermiscibility for the service life of motors, electrical appliances, instruments are affected.

In the use process.

The winding may be in contact with the surrounding medium, such as contact with the cold medium in the refrigeration plant, and in the chemical plant contact with various chemical gases, which have different degrees of corrosion to the paint film.