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Enameled wire Meet this new friend
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Enameled wire, it is one of the main varieties of winding line, it is composed of conductor and the insulation layer, it bare wire after annealing softening, and then after many times of a painting, then baked.

But we need to produce both conform to the requirements of the standards, at the same time, to meet customer requirements of the product is not so easy, and it is affected by a quality of raw materials, and process parameters, or production equipment, and environmental factors, therefore, is now a variety of enameled wire quality characteristics of each are not identical, but is a mechanical properties, and chemical properties, its electrical, and thermal properties of four performance.

This enameled wire it is machinery, and electrical appliances and household appliances products such as one of the main raw materials, especially the power industry achieved sustained and rapid growth in recent years, there are also the rapid development of household electrical appliances, so the application of the enameled wire to bring a broad field, followed by proposed a higher request to enameled wire.