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Enameled wire It's important to set the line
- Jan 19, 2018 -

It is very important to release the enameled wire. The key of the line is to control the tension. When the tension is large, not only the conductor is drawn, but the surface of the wire is not bright, and it also affects the performance of the enameled wire.

From the appearance, the wire that is pulled fine, the varnish that the coating makes is poorer;

In terms of performance, the elongation, resilience, flexibility and thermal shock of enameled wire are affected.

The line tension is too small, the line is easy to jump to cause the parallel line, line touching the throat.

Pay-off tension is big, the most afraid of half a circle when tension half a circle is small, so not only make the wire loose, broken, paragraphs are fine, but will also cause the big jump of oven inside, cause and lines, line fault.

Line tension should be uniform and appropriate.