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Effective structural changes
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Paper bag benefits, two, ring type, EI type, R type, C type of several power transformer which is the best?

They have their own advantages and disadvantages and there is no one who said the best, so strictly speaking, what kind of transformer can do the best. From the structural point of view, the ring can do the smallest magnetic flux leakage, but the sound sense of the EI type can be done in the sense of intermediate frequency density better. In terms of magnetic saturation alone, the EI type is stronger than the ring type, but the efficiency is superior to the EI type. Nevertheless, the key to the problem lies in whether you can avoid weaknesses and give full play to their strengths, and this is the root of the transformer.

The current import amplifier, the ring transformer application is still the mainstream, which basically illustrates a problem. Enthusiasts of the evaluation of the transformer to be objective and fair, you can not take a good thing for reference and that it is not good. Some people say that the ring transformer is easy to magnetic saturation, then why do not you think of a way to do it is not easy to magnetic saturation, and the original means of technology can do this. No less than enough effort or blindly to save money, it is certainly easy to magnetic saturation. Similarly, as long as you carefully produced, EI-type transformer efficiency is able to do very high.

Transformer quality is good or bad impact on the sound, because the transformer transmission energy and core, coil is closely related to the transmission rate of the impact of the sound play a decisive role. Like EI-type transformers, people usually think it is relatively thick IF, high frequency is relatively thin, why? Because it is relatively slow transmission speed. And because the transmission speed is relatively fast, but if the effective structure changes, you can ring and EI type are done very perfect, so the ring is very fast, the high frequency is relatively weak, The key is to see how you do it

But at least it is certain that the R-type transformer is not too easy to do. Use it to do a small current pre-amplifier and CD player power can also, if used to do after the power amplifier, there are more serious flaws. Because the R-type transformer itself is not easy to change the structure of the form, and ring type and EI type is relatively easy to change the structure to achieve Liang sound purpose. The use of R-type transformer power amplifier power supply, usually the sound is very knot and lack of Aura, low frequency is often no jump and seem hard.