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Don't know the characteristic and use of enameled wire, you need not worry after watching!
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Enameled wire is motor, electrical appliances and home appliances products such as the main raw material, it is one of the main varieties of winding line, composed of conductor and insulation layer two, bare wire after annealing softening, again after a lot of paint, baking.

But to produce both conform to the requirements of the standard, and it is not easy to meet customer requirements of product, it is raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, the environment factors, therefore, all sorts of enameled wire quality characteristics of each are not identical, but all have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties of four performance.


How much do you know about the features and USES of enameled wire?

Let's take a look at this:

1. Acetal enameled wire;

Thermal level for both 105 and 120, it has good mechanical strength, adhesion, resistance to transformer oil and refrigerant performance, but the product moisture resistant performance is poor, thermal softening temperature low breakdown, durable performance weak defects such as benzene - alcohol mixed solvents, is now only a few used in oil-immersed transformer, oil filled motor winding.

2. Enameled wire of polyester and modified polyester, ordinary polyester enameled wire, heat level of 130, after modification, the heat level of enameled wire is 155.

High mechanical strength, the product and has good elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance, it is one of the largest a variety, China's current production accounts for about two-thirds of: widely used in all kinds of motors, electrical appliances, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and home appliance products;

The weakness of the product is poor thermal shock performance and low moisture resistance.

3. Polyurethane enameled wire;

The thermal level is 130, 155, 180 and 200.

The biggest characteristic is straight welding resistance, resistance to high frequency performance is good, easy coloring, moisture resistant performance is good, should be widely in electronic appliances and precision instruments, telecommunications, instrumentation, this product weakness is a bit poor mechanical strength, heat resistance is not high, and in the production of large size line flexibility and adhesion is poor, so the product of the specifications of the production in small and medium-sized and fine lines.

4, polyester imide/polyamide composite enameled wire, thermal level 180, this product has good heat impact resistance, resistance to soften the breakdown high temperature, excellent mechanical strength, resistance to solvents and refrigerant performance is good, weakness is easy to hydrolysis under closed condition, it is widely used in heat resistant requirements of high motor, electrical appliance, instrument, power tool power dry type transformer winding, etc.

5, polyester imide/polyamide imide enameled wire si composite layer is more widely used at home and abroad heat resistant enameled wire, thermal level 200, high heat resistance, the product has a refrigerant resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance and other properties, high mechanical strength, electrical performance stability, good chemical resistance and freeze resistance performance, overload ability.

It is widely used in refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, electric tool, explosion-proof electric motor and high temperature, high temperature, radiation, overload, etc.

Because the performance of enameled wire is remarkable, the use is wide, so obtains the general customer's affirmation.

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