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Difference between dry type and oil type transformer
- Sep 05, 2018 -

For system voltage >35kV, it have to use oil type transformer. For others, both are ok. 
Generally, dry transformer is more safe when transformer breakdown. almost dry transformer can extinct when remove external fire. So it is suitable for the site where have strict requirement about fire control, such as hospital, commerial building and so on. 
Another advantages of dry type transformer is easier maintenance and almost contamination free .
Anyway, oil transformer is more efficient, smaller than dry type transormer.

Often you can get either a dry type or an oil filled type transformer for an equivalent application and rating, particularly at the MV level. The primary difference is one of cost. Dry types, being less efficient, are cheaper, but they are also much bigger and require bigger clearances around them. When you've got a small site, that can be difficult, so often oil filled transformers are used on private sites. They are more expensive, but they're also relatively small.

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