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Development prospect of aluminum enameled wire
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Aluminum enameled wire is a new kind of enameled wire which USES copper and aluminum as inner conductor. It has the advantages of both copper and aluminum materials, so it is not only excellent in electrical conductivity, but also lighter in weight.

Aluminum enameled wire has been used in many fields, so it will have a good application prospect at present and in the future.

In the past few years, enameled wire industry has been playing an increasingly prominent role in the development of national economy. However, as the price of electrolytic copper keeps rising, it brings a great impact to the raw material production of copper wire and enameled wire supply manufacturers.

Under this background, the appearance and application of copper enameled wire and aluminum enameled wire have been proved to be able to replace pure copper enameled wire through the use of users, which has provided great business opportunities and broad market for the development of China's enameled wire industry.

Aluminium enamelled wire 2.jpg

The traditional pure copper enameled wire mainly USES pure copper as raw material.

At present xinxiang city strong people cable co., LTD. Launched copper - aluminum enameled wire in many areas can not only be equivalent (or super-efficient) to replace pure copper.

In addition, it can effectively reduce the production cost. Aluminum enameled wire replaces pure copper, and substitute import will play a very important role in promoting the development of national economy and the improvement of technical level in related fields, as well as the reduction of manufacturing cost.

Therefore, the development prospect of aluminum enameled wire will be very good.