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Definition of grid resonance
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Any circuit of the power system can be simplified into a series parallel circuit of resistance R, inductive resistance wL, tolerance 1/ wC.

Whether in series or parallel circuits, the circuit will be resonant when the tolerance 1/wC and the reactance wL are equal.

How does the resonance affect the normal work of the voltage transformer?

The electromagnetism voltage transformer in 10kV neutral network is the only golden property channel of the power grid.

When the single-phase grounding or disappearance, the power grid has a charging and discharging transition process through the PT winding.

The test results show that at this time, the maximum amplitude of the maximum number of amperes is a half wave flow through PT, which is sufficient to fuse the PT high pressure fuse.

At this moment, in the process of change will flow through a amplitude transformer high voltage winding high low frequency saturation current, serious saturation, iron core saturation voltage transformer excitation inductance smaller, after the system network for ground impedance tend to be emotional, at this point if the system network of inductance and capacitance matching, formation of three-phase or single-phase resonance circuit, can stimulate a variety of ferroresonance overvoltage, caused by high voltage transformer burned.Therefore, it is very easy to burn the voltage transformer or fuse the fuse wire if there is an intermittent grounding fault (usually single phase grounding).

The word ferromagnetic resonance is mentioned in the paper, so it is necessary to talk about the process of ferromagnetic resonance.