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Decentralized production, local sales, shared use
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Copper enameled wire has always been inseparable from the development of industrial products market, for the current global market, the global industrial market put forward some related issues.

(A) the developed countries debt crisis and financial risks impact global industrial recovery

Developed countries in the economy to achieve a slow recovery at the same time also face the risk of government debt crisis. Although the US government has resolved the crisis, the bipartisan budget negotiations around the debt ceiling will continue, which will have a direct impact not only on the US economy but also on international financial markets and global economic confidence. The euro zone countries insist on fiscal austerity, but the intensification of domestic conflicts may lead to some turbulence in some of the heavily indebted countries, thus jeopardizing the industrial recovery in these countries.

(B) regional free trade negotiations will accelerate the reshaping of global industrial structure

In recent years, the world set off a new round of free trade zone negotiations boom. In the TPP, TTIP, PSA, RCEP and other free trade area negotiations, driven by the international trade and investment rules system is facing reshaping. The core of the US-EU free trade negotiations is around the United States and Europe 21 members of the "many side of the service industry agreement" to replace the current WTO rules, to create a high-end industrial chain in favor of developed countries. At the same time, RCEP, which completed the first round of negotiations in May 2013, marked the key step in greater economic integration in East Asia and the economic integration of the region. With the developed economies and emerging economies continue to compete for the adjustment of the global trade pattern of the initiative, the pace of global trade pattern reconstruction is accelerating, and will profoundly change the global industrial structure.

(C) a new round of industrial technology revolution to change the mode of industrial production

Robot technology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and new materials and other technologies are triggering a new industrial revolution, it will change the way to create goods, and change the pattern of employment. The new industrial revolution will spawn many emerging industries, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, new materials, energy and medical fields, so as to provide a broader platform for wealth creation. In the new round of industrial revolution, driven by the new production methods, manufacturing model changes to match the new production organization has been formed, that is, "decentralized production, local sales, sharing use", this production organization greatly reduced Logistics costs, changed the traditional mode of production, to China as the representative of the emerging countries of the manufacturing industry to bring new challenges.