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Common methods for the removal of electromagnetic wires
- Jan 22, 2018 -

How to remove paint for electromagnetic wire enameled wire, generally speaking, according to the condition equipment and requirements, we are divided into the following three methods.

1. For ordinary thin lines, place the soldering iron at 400 degrees Celsius directly to tin.

In the case of thick lines, we do not recommend the method of fire roasting, which will cause the electromagnetic line oxidation to affect its properties. In time, it will be found that there will be some pores on the surface of tin.

2. We can also apply the pitch at the broken ends of enameled wire, and put the cross section in the molten tin solder iron, cross section no paint so quickly on tin, cross section will be increased with the temperature around in the absence of attachment force to take off the paint tin, we just control the temperature.

3. Here we compare the recommended third with paint agent, professional qualified paint remover is metal, without any damage, corrosion, can quickly go out to paint on the surface of the electromagnetic wire, was removed from the surface into squares, will not have adverse consequences on electromagnetic wire surface or residue.

To paint after polishing, excellent weldability, now in many industrial manufacturing sites are using this way to batch processing, has now been largely replaced the old knife to fire on the costs and effects are also very much.