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China's development of amorphous alloy transformer
- Nov 10, 2017 -

The development of amorphous alloy transformer in China began with "seven and five".The development of "amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer" is a special topic in the subject of "amorphous alloy and alloy".In May 1986, Shanghai iron and steel research institute cooperated with ningbo transformer factory to manufacture the first single-phase 3kVA amorphous alloy transformer in China with the developed amorphous alloy strip.In September 1988, the Shanghai iron and steel research institute and Shanghai metallurgical equipment factory, Shanghai silicon steel sheet factory cooperation with traditional chip stack structure developed amorphous distribution transformer of 100 kva three-phase, no-load loss, 187 w, fairly with 64% of the capacity of the integrated type transformer no-load loss of silicon steel sheet.In August 1989, Shanghai iron and steel research institute and luoyang transformer factory tried out three phase 30kVA winding amorphous core distribution transformers, and the no-load loss was 36.8 w, which was about 72 percent lower than the equivalent capacity of S9.

From 1991 to 1995, the Shanghai metallurgical equipment factory production kair institute of iron base amorphous strip, developed more than 20 kva, 30 kva, 50 kva, 100 kva three-phase winding type amorphous distribution transformer, respectively with hebei zhuozhou power authority and operation test of tianshui agricultural machinery company for screening.The overall level of no-load loss of amorphous distribution transformer is lower than that of the same capacity S7 silicon steel transformer.

Through the analysis of data and parameters of the test, it proves that the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the operation is stable and reliable.It has the characteristics of low temperature rise and strong anti-overload ability.In August 1995, according to the three SanWei "promote amdt application in China" the decision of the working group, entrust the shenyang transformer research institute of amorphous alloy strip performance according to the American federal company uniform design, organization, Shanghai, tianjin, north two variable, foshan, liaoyang and baoding six transformer factory, developed SHll - 160, 200, 315, 500 kva four specifications six prototype, and through the national guide.Believe in February 1998, the Shanghai company introduces American GE amorphous transformer manufacturing technology and has signed for amorphous transformer production line, production of SH - sealed M type amorphous alloy transformer rated capacity of 50 kva ~ 2500 kva, no-load loss in 34 w ~ 700 w, load loss between 870 w to 21500 w, no-load current in 1.5% ~ 1.5%, short circuit impedance between 4% ~ 4.5%.