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Bare wire and bare conductor products
- Dec 05, 2017 -


Bare wire (bare wire) and bare conductor products (bare conductor) is to point to the conductive wire, no insulation, sheath mainly includes bare type single wire, bare wire and wire profile three series of products, is one of the most basic in wire and cable products categories of products.

Naked single-line product classification:

Naked single wire series products mainly include copper wire, aluminum single wire, aluminum alloy wire, copper clad steel wire, aluminum clad steel wire and tin plating line, mainly used for all kinds of wire and cable, tire a small amount of wire used for communication and manufacture of electric machines and appliances.

Classification of naked strand products:

The series products of the naked strand include various stranded wires and soft wiring, and the main products are overhead conductor.

Overhead conductor series products are more than 70% of the product in this category.

Large span overhead conductors: in 1973, China's research and development of the Yangtze river in nanjing was developed with glgj-14/420 steel core aluminum wrapped and glgj-60/256 ground wire.

In the aspect of the expansion lead, the lgjk-300 expansion steel aluminum strand and lgkk-600 power plant are developed for 330KV liu - tian-guan transmission and transformation engineering.

In terms of large current soft bus, research and development the LHGJ - 1440/120 type steel reinforced heat-resisting aluminum alloy conductor, suitable for use in more than 4000 a loop current transformer substation, decreasing the number of split conductor, is advantageous for the design and installation.

In the aspect of anti-vibration conductors, the research and development of the LGJ/zd-300 self-damping conductor simplifies the anti-vibration measures of the line, and the maximum stress can be pulled up to 60%

In addition, the research and development of the optical fiber composite aerial line, increase the communication capacity of the power system, and have the characteristics of information transmission loss and non-electromagnetic interference.

Development direction:

China is a vast country with uneven distribution of energy.

Therefore, the development direction of power transmission must be high voltage long-distance transmission.