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Analysis of the formulation of the paint coating agent for environmental protection.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

The formulation analysis of the paint coating agent for environmental protection has shortened the project development time, saved the project funds, and significantly improved the project quality.

This analysis enables the project to create a special benchmark for the project in a unique industry with the enterprise, so that the production enterprise will always stand in the same company.

Environmental enameled wire paint remover formula reduction by ultraviolet spectrometry, ion chromatography, element analysis instrument and other high-tech instrument testing, through the analysis of outstanding team, complete test equipment, step by step type testing steps.

Can quickly and significantly improve the quality of testing, more authoritative guarantee project quality, can save enterprise production crisis and technical funds.

Microspectral technology is one of the leading domestic testing and testing institutions. It contains the most powerful technical expert technical support department, the most perfect experimental operation room, and the most new test instrument.

Environmental protection paint coating agent formula composition detection to find micro - spectrum technology, time - saving.

The largest, most abundant and first-class testing and testing institution in China -- microspectral technology.

Environmental enameled wire paint remover is a sample configuration from aromatic compounds, aromatic compounds into liquid, ability to dissolve the paint film is strong, environmental protection paint remover enameled wire speed fast, high quality, remove the coating type category is wide, suitable for alkyd, alkyd, poly ethylene urea-formaldehyde rubber type, epoxy, polyurethane, epoxy and so on each kind of paint, exterior wall paint, powder coated, faded in addition to the skin.

Compared with the overseas project, the removal efficiency is the same as the removal of paint, which is faster, less corrosive, and avoids a lot of time.

Environmental protection paint coating agent project performance: normal temperature storage, reduce energy environmental protection.

Easy control, good management.

Can be wetted and brushed.

Spray, spray paint, paint oil base paint, paint oil base paint, acid paint and the removal of acid paint are appropriate.

The coating agent of green enameled wire is composed of alcohol, alcohol, ester and benzene.