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Aluminum enameled wire application field.
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Aluminum enameled wire application field.

In recent years, the technology of aluminum enameled wire connector dealt with different levels of, if use riveting pressure, flux welding, argon arc welding, etc., production and sales of aluminum enameled wire is already entered the high-speed growth period, widely used in different fields, such as:

1. Microwave transformer and reactor;

2. Degaussing coil;

3. Fan motor;

4. Sewing machine;

5. UPS and power supply;

6. Power transformer;

7. Household small motor: such as bottle opener, juice mixer, pump motor and fan;

8. Air conditioning motor SP motor;

9. Washing induction motor;

10. Ballast;

11. Power transformer and power adapter;

12. Ring transformer;

Welding machine;

14. Hood motor;

15. Air conditioning compressor and refrigerator compressor.

In short, as people deepened understanding of aluminum enameled wire, and use technology further, aluminum instead of copper enameled wire enameled wire trend is irreversible, and will further expand, so as long as reasonable design, used properly, the use of aluminium wire will be more extensive.