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All side cabinet operating procedures
- Nov 17, 2017 -

The wave into the method of variable fuse handcart used with circuit breaker handcart, the fuse of variable fuse handcart used although has a certain breaking and arc suppression ability, but change when used in resection operation and was put into operation, also can't loading operation, namely the front wave into or out of the fuse, be sure to first open cupboard door, breaking all low-voltage circuit breaker, closed cabinet door lock, and to operate.

After becoming the tank sealing plate and fuse handcart interlocking, namely when the variable parameter is used, also can use a special tool to open the cabinet put oneself in another's position after sealing plate, then the low pressure side can directly contact, usually must first rolled out fuse handcart again after open the sealing plate, such as special circumstances must be charged after sealing plate, special attention should be paid to safety.