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33kv Prefabricated Distribution Combined Substation Power Transmission Power Supply Substation, Prefabricated Substation, Combined Substation
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Trademark: YUBIAN

  • HS Code: 8504231100

  • Type: Box Transformer

  • Origin: Ningbo



UnitSwitch cubicleCircuit breakerItemsInData
H. V. unit  40.5kVKYN10-40.5
Rated voltagekV40.5
Rated currentA1250-1600
Rated short-circuit breaking currentkV20-31.5
Rated short-circuit making current
On-load startingNAL36
Rated currentA630
Rated short-time withstand currentkA/s25/2
L. V. unit12kVXGN56-12
Rated voltagekV12
Rated currentA630-3150
Rated short-circuit breaking current(r. m. s)kA16-50
Rated short-circuit making current
HXGN26-12 (F)
On-load starting
Rated currentA630
Rated short-time withstand currentkA/s20/3, 25/2
ME, M, F
CM, H, S series
Rated current of circuit breakerA70-3900
Breaking capability(400V)kA28-80
Transformer unitSC9, S9, SZ9 transformerRated voltagekV40.5
Rated capabilitykVA400-20000
RatiokV / kV35/10, 35/6.3, 35/0.4

Structure features of product
This product consists of high voltage power distribution device, transformer and low distribution device. It is divided into three function compartment, high voltage compartment, transformer compartment and low voltage compartment. Both high voltage and low voltage compartment are provided with all functions, the primary power supply system on high voltage side can be configured in various power supply methods, such as ring net power supply, terminal power supply, power supply with double supply. High voltage metering instrument can also installed on high voltage side to satisfy the requirements for high voltage measurement. For transformer compartment, S9, S11 series low loss oil immersed transformer, and SC (B) 9 , SCR9, SC (10) 10, SCR10 series dry transformer are available, and the transformer compartment is equipped with self-start forced air cooling system and lighting system. The low voltage compartment can be equipped with panel or cabinet type structure on customer's requirements, and various functions including distribution for drive power, power distribution for lighting, compensation of reactive power, metering of electricity energy, and measurement of electricity consumption to meet various demands of customers and provide customer with convenient management and high quality in term of power supply.
High voltage compartment is designed with compact structure and interlock function of "five prevention" to completely protect from mis-operation. Upon customer's request, the transformer can be equipped with guide rail for convenient access through the gates on both sides of the transformer. All compartments are provided with auto lighting system, furthermore, both high voltage and low voltage compartments are made of reliable and easy to operate elements so that the product can be operated safely and stably, maintained conveniently.
The product has good cooling ventilation effect due application of both natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Both transformer compartment and low voltage compartment are equipped with ventilation ducts, the exhaust fan is provided with temperature regulating device and can start and stably, maintained conveniently. Suitable for outdoor use long time. The box is provided with feature including resistance corrosion, water proof, dust proof, long life useful life and good external appearance.

Notes to order:
 The following information shall be provided for order:
1. Type of box-type transformer substation
2. Model and capacity of transformer
3. Connecting diagram of high and low voltage circuits
4. Model and parameters of electrical elements with special requirements Color of housing
5. Description, quality and other requirements for spare parts and elements.
Send us your inquiry and your specification.

10kv 20kv 35kv 40.5kv  Prefabricated Substation
Total-sealed, total-insulated, safe and reliable.
Small volume and compact structure.
The cable head can be operated with the load of 200A.
Has strong over-load ability.
The body of substation adopts special craftwork treatment and has well anticorrosion ability.
Use high burning point oil to avoid the fire.
Has beautiful appearance and assort with environment

Product structure
The product is made up of transformer room, H. V room and L. V room.
The performance of the transformer meet the type of SM9 or S11M.
The H. V side adopts type V or T load switch and two poles fuse to protect and use current-limiting fuse to protect circuit, the breaking capacity is big. Plug-in type fuse is used to protect the secondary side overload and short circuit of transformer.
Both load switch and fuse are installed in transformer room and make use of transformer insulation liquid as insulation medium and heat-eliminating medium.
The ingoing on H. V side adopts H. V cable plug and total insulated in the H. V room.

The outgoing on L. V side for that normal product adopts directly outgoing. It can be added L. V measuring and shunt outgoing if customer requires.
The structure of box-body is total-sealed and adopts steel plate welding, beading three sides heat-eliminating. It features of strong antiseptic ability and beautiful appearance after treated by special technology.
The H. V room is isolated from L. V room and has the following components: Load switch, tap changer of transformer, H. V ingoing pin and plug-in type fuse.
The box-body equips has: Oil level thermometer, oil level gauge, pressure release valve, oil drain valve and oil sample valve. L. V outgoing terminals and L. V measuring system which is required to equip by users.