Nomex Paper Covered Wire

Nomex Paper Covered Wire

NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire ●NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire Product introduction: NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire is made by oxygen free copper rod or aluminum wire rod and T410 type insulating paper wrapping produced by DUPONT USA. It is mainly applied to transformer, electric...

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NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire

●NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire
 Product introduction: NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire is made by oxygen free copper rod or aluminum wire rod and T410 type insulating paper wrapping produced by DUPONT USA. It is mainly applied to transformer, electric welding machine, electromagnet or other similar electrical equipment winding. Bare copper (aluminum) wire produced by extrusion process is optimal materials for NOMEX paper-covered aluminium wire

●Executive standard: GB/T7673.3-2008 and company standard 

●Production range:

flat aluminium wire
Narrow edge size a:1.00mm—8.00mm
Broad side size b:3.00mm—25.00mm

copper strap wire
Narrow edge size a:0.90mm—5.60mm
Broad side size b:2.00mm—16.00mm

Copper aluminum round wire
Diameter: φ1.7—φ8.0

If specifications beyond the above range, please contact us


Flat aluminium wire should be compliant with GB5584.3-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.0280Ωmm2/m at 20℃.
 Copper strap wire should be compliant with GB5584.2-2009, specific resistance is not more than 0.017241Ωmm2/m at 20℃.

●NOMEX paper-covered wire technical index (company standard) NOMEX paper adopt 2mil T410 type NOMEX paper produced by DUPONT USA.

 item name

wrapping method

wrapping method layer

insulation thickness/mm

breakdown voltage≥

NOMEX paper-covered wire

self-locking lap 1.5~2mm




self-locking lap 1.5~2mm




50% lap taping




50% lap taping




 opposite side lap1.5mm lapping




●Advantages of NOMEX paper-covered wire
NOMEX paper-covered wire has higher electric, chemical and mechanical integrity, it has good elasticity, suppleness, tear resistance, humidity resistance and abrasive resistance. Ac id and alkali resistance, it will not damaged by insect, mould, fungus and is compatible with varnish, adhesive, transformer liquid, lubricating oil, refrigerant. NOMEX paper resistant to high temperatures, it will still keep the original insulating property. NOMEX paper-covered wire transformer will offer customers more economic, environmental and safety benefits.

■Lower cost, down size, lower weight
NOMEX insulated transformer can control temperature rise to 180℃, needs less wire and core, it can also down size and reduce weight in order to lower capital cost, fit installation, smaller iron core means less no load loss.

■ Increase reliability
Transformer windings use NOMEX paper-covered wire, maintains excellent electrical and mechanical properties, it has good resilience and non aging property, in order to ensure compact structure of transformer coil. NOMEX paper is not sensitive to temperature or dust, and can improve transformer reliability.

■ Increase reserve capacity
NOMEX paper has high heat-resistant temperature, it will maintain original insulating property even at 220℃. C class 220℃ insulating material is used as H class 180℃ insulating materials, it can deal with emergency like overload switching and unexpected enlargement, this can significantly reduce back up plan.

■Good environmental performance
NOMEX insulating materials has stable chemical properties, it is safe, fire resistant, anti-radiation. It will not release poisonous gas even in the case of fire; It doesn't react with the solvent, and has good acid and alkali resistance. When it reached the end of service life, it is easy to recycle, reuse, and will not pollute the environment, it is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.  

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