Flat Copper Wire Insulated

Flat Copper Wire Insulated

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Flat Copper Wire Insulated:

Paper covering complies with class 105°C insulation is known for its excellent behavior  in moist environment. That is why paper covered conductors best suited for oil-filled transformers and switchgears. The thickness of covering and the number of paper layers can be varied to suit the specific requirement. The properties of conductor are determined by the thermal, chemical & mechanical properties of the various paper types.

Technical Parameter:

Temp. Class

Type of Insulation

Size Range



Kraft Paper

Round Wire: 1 to 5 mm
Flat Wire: 6- 120 sq. mm
Min. Size: 3 x 2 mm
Max. Size: 20 x 6 mm

IEC - 60317-27
NEMA MW 31 & 33

Product Application:

Enameled Rectangular Aluminum Magnet Wire and Enamelled Rectangular Copper Magnet wire are used as the wire in electromagnets that use electricity to generate a magnetic field. Enameled Rectangular or Flat Aluminium Wire and Enameled Rectangular or Flat Copper Wire /Strip is wrapped in a tight coil.

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Flat Copper Wire Insulated

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