Paper Covered Copper Conductors

Paper Covered Copper Conductors

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Paper Covered Wire:

The paper covered flat copper wire is a kind of flat copper conductor.It is mainly used in transformer field as winding coil of transformer.Transformer is one of the main equipment in power system and plays an important role in power system.When the transformer is running, the windings and coils are often deformed by the high temperature and electromagnetic force generated by the impact of short circuit current. The resulting deformation may affect the normal operation of the transformer and even lead to transformer damage.Paper - coated copper flat wire is required to conduct electricity and insulation.

Product Details:

Paper Covered Copper Conductors

Material:Copper or Aluminum

Type:Flat wire

Narrow side size: a:1.00mm - 8.00mm

Wide side dimension: b:3.00mm - 25.00mm

Thick:1 to 5 mm

Cross Sectional Area:3 to 75 Sqmm

Product Application:

The Electrical Flat Copper Wire is a conductor extruded or drawn from the oxygen-free copper rod through certain molding. The Electrical Flat Copper Wire can be taken as the finished product,which is widely applied for windings of the motors,transformers, reactors and other similar electrical equipment.

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Paper Covered Copper Conductors

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