Oxide Film Magnet Flat Or Round Aluminum Wire

Oxide Film Magnet Flat Or Round Aluminum Wire

Magnet Wire Oxide Film Magnet flat or round aluminum wire has : 1.Inorganicinsulation special type electromagnetic material is AL2O3. 2.Insulating layer is ,No thermal aging phenomenon. 3.Insulation grade is C. Insulating layer is very thin, high quality of thermostability 540°C~270°C....

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Magnet Wire 

Oxide Film Magnet flat or round aluminum wire has :

1.Inorganicinsulation special type electromagnetic material is AL2O3.

2.Insulating layer is ,No thermal aging phenomenon. 

3.Insulation grade is C. Insulating layer is very thin, high quality of thermostability 540°C~270°C.

4.Insulating property is very steady. 

5.This magnet wire has widely used in electromagnet, electric reactor and other low Voltage heavy 

   current magnet windings.


Magnet Wire  Technical Parameters

Oxide Film Magnet Wire

1.Appearance: Film layer is very smooth, flat,No abrasiondamage

2.Winding Testing:≥150NM

3.Tensile Strength: 60-90N/mm²

4.Breakdown Voltage:≥180V




Magnet Wire  Production Range: 

1.We produce magnet wire ≥2.5mm ² mainly.

2.We also can produce magnet wire according to customer’s demand.

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