Enamelled Aluminium Flat Wire

Enamelled Aluminium Flat Wire

●Product Name: enamelled flat wire ●Product Introduction:enamelled flat wire is wire made by oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum bar, and matched with insulated paint. They were painted with multiple corresponding insulating paint in order to make insulating paint and conductor...

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●Enamelled flat wire: 

This product is suitable for transformer, motor, electric welder and other similar equipment.  

Executive standard: GB/T7095-2008

●Production range:

Aluminum copper flat wire
Narrow edge size a:1.00mm—5.00mm
Broad side size b:3.00mm—16.00mm

Recommend width ratio of conductor   1.5<b/a<7.5

If specifications beyond the above range, please contact us

●Product Features:

1. Varieties of wires,Stable quality 
2. Timely, continuous after-sales service 
3. Professional Tech and sales Work Team 
4. Safe and variety packing terms are available 
5. Double or Three Type Insultaions covered wires are available

● Product categories

Please contact us if you need other types of enamelled wire.

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